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If you are ready to put that mop and bucket down, and put your tile and grout into the hands of a responsible and dependable company in the Tampa Bay area, you can contact The Grout Experts.
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Blast through years or dirt and soil in just ONE day!


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Don’t be fooled by any company attempting to clean your tile and grout “by hand” – demand the latest high pressure cleaning equipment to extract the deep embedded dirt from you tile and grout:

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Palm Harbor: 34682 34683 34684 34685



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Wesley Chapel: 33543 33544

Our cleaning system uses high pressure water to pressure clean and extract the dirty water in one step:

Here we changed the existing color of the grout.



Valrico: 33594 33595



Here is a job that we did for a homeowner preparing to sell their home. Don’t let prospective buyers see your dirty and dingy tile and grout. Make that great first impression and call Tampa Tile and Grout Cleaning.


move out grout floor before


after grout cleaning

Here is the cleaning path of our cleaning equipment. You can bet the business owner was surprised to see what the tile looked like originally.

grout cleaned path

Here’s a counter we did freshened up. The original grout had become stained from all the heavy use in the kitchen. We color sealed to protect it from just about any future spills.

We also gave this customer a lifetime warranty on our color seal!


countertop before picture

countertop after color sealing

Here are some shots of a bathroom we did today. As you can see in the pictures the bathroom floor had been originally grouted using a bright white grout. Unfortunately this is the default color in many new subdivision homes built today.

Looks great when freshly installed but can be a tough floor to keep clean. We cleaned, prepped and completely color sealed this grout for the customer. The grout will now remain water-proof and stain resistant for many years to come.


bathroom floor before - white


bathroom after

Here is a before and after photos of the dramatic difference cleaning a very textured tile. The owners of this floor had gotten so used to the floor that they actually thought it was supposed to look like this!

textured tile cleaning

Here is a picture of a shower restoration job that we did.

Notice the difference of the removal of the moldy caulking around the edges of the tub.


moldy tub


moldy tub after

Here is a room shot of our cleaning methods applied to a commercial restaurant’s 12 inch tiles.

Helps give a clean impression to your customers!

commercial resturaunt cleaning

Here is a job where we cleaned about 300 sq ft of red quarry tile. The homeowner had gotten tired of trying to clean the grout on her on with a little toothbrush and some supermarket cleaner.

She KNEW there had to be a better way!

Tampa Tile and Grout Cleaning to the rescue!

quarry tile cleaning

after cleaning quarry tile

Here is an example of cleaning white grout in a subdivision in the N.Tampa – Lutz area.

As a side note you’ll see how white and bright the grout came out. We ended doing the next door neighbor’s house the following week. What’s interesting was that we noticed how easy it was to clean the tile and grout in the pictures below. The 2nd neighboring home required additional time and effort to get a similar result.

The big difference? *SEALING* the grout when it was first installed.

The homeowners in the first home (pictured) had sealed there grout shortly after moving in. Even though the floor still became soiled over time the dirt and deposits were only allowed to reach the top layer and there was minimal if any staining.

resdential cleaning of white grout


white grout cleaning

Here is an example of a job cleaning a natural stone known as Travertine. This was in a commercial installation and they were surprised really how dirty their floor were.

travertine cleaning

If you look closely at the pictures below you’ll notice the red tint within the existing grout lines in the before picture. This was a newly purchased home and the previous owner had decided that red would be the best color choice for the grout lines in the master bathroom (the other shower had green grout)

Tampa Tile and Grout Cleaning to the rescue!


red shower before


red grout lines removed

Note:The bottom row of tiles are a slightly darker shade due to a previous repair

Although the existing shower wasn’t in terrible condition it did need just a little refreshing. After doing a thorough regrout and reculking job this shower was brought back to NEW condition.


shower brightening up


afterwards picture of a shower job

Here is a picture of a shower restoration in a marble shower. Marble is a very delicate stone surface and not just any cleaner can be used to clean it up.


marble shower before


marble shower after

Here are some before and after picture of some of the more extreme jobs we do in showers.

No shower is too tough for Tampa Tile and Grout Cleaning!

mold shower before picture

mold shower after

Here is a picture of a commercial tile and grout cleaning job. Tampa Tile and Grout Cleaning is happy to accommodate larger projects to meet the needs of commercial clients.

commercial cleaning job

Here is a picture of our turbo washing tile and grout cleaning equipment. High pressure water is sprayed at 500-1000 psi – washing away years of accumulated soil and dirt. It is then immediately extracted and vacuumed up. This process uses the water pressure safely and with no over-spray of the surrounding areas.

turbo cleaner in action

Here is a demonstration of why you should always have your tile and grout sealed. A sealed surface will repel water and other liquids that could otherwise seep into the pores of the grout and cause staining.

Sealed tile and grout

We have the ability to use steam cleaners to clean your tile and grout before sealing.

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